Budding Entrepreneurs At Work

Budding Entrepreneurs At Work

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We kicked off 2013 with our Young Entrepreneurs Camp. Here were the highlights of the camp held at Victoria Junior College from 4th to 7th June 2013:

The Young Entrepreneurs Camp

Here were some of the highlights of our activities in 2012:

"Super Spies" - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp, held in November 2012.

Super Spies Camp
Held in November 2012, Super Spies was a 5 day non-residential camp for kids aged 7yrs to 15yrs, which was run by JLPC Consultancy LLP. The challenges are science based and are done almost entirely by the kids themselves, which allowed the kids to not just learn Science but experience it first hand, make mistakes and learn from their errors.
And in the process of completing each challenge, the children develop life skills that are imperative in helping them adapt quickly to changes in their environment and whatever challenges they face in the future. These life skills are effective communication (both oral and written), innovation and creative thinking, thinking out of the box, problem solving and critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and of course entrepreneurship. These skills will take them from the classroom, into the boardroom and beyond. They are critical skills for being successful in life.
And in keeping with the Kids Invent! philosophy "It's not what you know, it's what you do!" the kids are kept engaged throughout the program through the process of fast prototyping. We give them dessert first and trust that the learning will follow.
"Race To The Finish Line" - F1 Workshop, held on 8th Sept at Braddell View residential estate.

Kids paid homage to the F1 season by designing their own racetrack out of paper and invented different types of race cars such as a gravity car, balloon car and even a rocket powered car all from recycled materials.

To top off our activities, kids had lots of fun in the sun blasting their version of champagne popping and getting soaked.

Measurements of how far their cars travelled and observation of how their inventions work was key to the success of each challenge.


"Salute To Singapore" - NDP Workshop, held on 9th Aug at Braddell View residential estate

National Day is an important day for all Singaporeans, PRs and foreign friends living on this sunny island. On this special day, we came together to create our Kids Invent! version of the national day parade.

We started off with creating a magic paper ring that would bind us all together as one united nation. How many people could we fit into that paper ring? Well, we managed to get almost all the kids in there as well some facilitators too! Awesome job everyone!

The 21 Gun Salute is a much anticipated feature of the NDP and we made blow darts to symbolize this. Floats were made from recycled materials and decorated with the Singapore flag, stars and crescent moon designs. Beautiful! And lastly, we had a grand finale with our water works!

"Camp Castle Siege" - June 2012, 5-Day Innovation & Entrepreneurship Holiday Camp:

Our camp started with a woeful tale of how a King and Queen were miserable because they had to constantly live in fear of attacks from their enemies.

Over the first 3 days of camp, our young inventors were given a series of different challenges to help the royal couple defend their keep from their enemies. It ranged from inventing vehicles, balloon sliders and boats to travel pouches and straw towers and blow darts, all intending to equip our kids with ideas and creative tools of invention.
The kids then launched full steam into invention mode to develop and market a game within the last 2 days of camp, and the ideas that they executed were fantastic! It was a board game smorgasbord: Halo 3D; Snopoly (a combination of snakes and ladders, monopoly style); Super Mario and a movie inspired Flipboard game featuring Hunger Games on one side and The Avengers on the other. Well done kids!
Half Day Workshop at Wellington Primary School, April 2012:
Working together with schools such as Wellington Primary, we also aim to provide quality programs that provides added value to their students. A workshop was also conducted for their teachers on the Kids Invent! pedagogy so that the learning journey continues beyond this workshop.

Here are some videos taken during our past camps and corporate workshops:
Kids Invent! Activities in Singapore & Malaysia 2012
Kids Invent! Activities in Singapore & Malaysia 2011
Kids Invent Singapore - Flying Toys (June Holiday Camp 2011)

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