Budding Entrepreneurs At Work

Budding Entrepreneurs At Work

2013 Events

Here is our line up of activities for 2013:

August & September 2013

"Young Innovators Sunday Workshops @ *SCAPE"

Here's the line up of workshops starting on 4th August till 22nd September 2013. There are 8 consecutive workshops and you can either register for all of them at a packaged rate of $250 or select the ones that you want to come for at a walk in rate of $40 per session.

To cater for last minute changes in your schedule (we know how that happens sometimes...) there will be 2 session timings to choose from:

Session A - 2pm to 4pm
Session B - 4pm to 6pm

Other details:

Venue: *SCAPE, News Room on Level 4 (inside the *SCAPE Management Office opposite the Dance Studios), 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Fees: $40 per workshop or $250 for all 8 workshops

Contact Lorraine at lapaul232@gmail.com for the registration forms today!

Week & Date
Topic of Discussion

Wk 1
4th Aug
One Nation, One Singapore
What does Singapore mean to me and my family?

National Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate Singapore’s birthday than to create our very own NDP parade of colourful floats.
Wk 2
11th Aug
Adventure Seekers
When did you last have an adventure and why did it leave such an impression on you?

An A-Maze-ing Adventure
Mazes can be lots of fun, especially when making 3D versions out of recycled materials.
Wk 3
18th Aug
Home Sweet Home
Do you help out around the house doing chores? How can you contribute to making your home a beautiful place to live in?

Storing It Away
Transform recycled materials into  usable storage spaces.
Wk 4
25th Aug
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Family is important. What are the like and dislikes of each family member? To understand them is to love them more.

Build A Frame
Treasure  your special moments with your family members more with a self designed photo frame.
Wk 5
1st Sept
To Teacher With Love
We celebrate Teacher’s Day by remembering these special people in our lives. Which teacher inspires you the most and why?

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
Teachers are never short of pens, or pencils for that matter. Give your teacher a gift to treasure by designing a one-of-a-kind stationery holder.
Wk 6
8th Sept
Saving For A Rainy Day
Why is it important to save and do you have any tips to share on how you save your money?

You Can Bank On This
Create a piggy bank that does much more than help store away your allowance for a rainy day.
Wk 7
15th Sept
Once Upon A Time
We all love stories. They can make us laugh, cry or gasp in horror. Share your favourite story and let’s create some new ones together.

A Bookworm’s Best Friend
Books can be displayed prominently in your home or study with the help of a stand. How much weight can your bookstand carry and can you think of more uses for your creation?
Wk 8
22nd Sept
Have A Seat
Thinking about others and their needs is an essential part of inventing and innovation. Whether it’s the disabled or the elderly, or even your family member, we can make a difference in their lives by creating something that they can find useful.

Designer Furniture
Putting extra thought into designing a piece of furniture makes it not just unique but also useful for the person in mind. Who would you like to design this for and how would it make his/her life better?

July 2013

JLPC Open House @ *SCAPE

We're launching our latest program "Young Innovators Sunday Workshops" at our Open House so do join us for a fun-filled afternoon in the heart of Orchard Road! There'll be lots of hands-on activities and games for kids and for parents too!

Dates: 7th July 2013, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: *SCAPE, Newsroom on Level 4 (inside the *SCAPE Management Office opposite the Dance Studios), 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

June 2013

The Young Entrepreneurs Camp for kids 7yrs to 15yrs

This is a 4 Day non-residential camp that will provide a creative platform for kids to turn entrepreneurs during the holidays. Invention challenges will help expand their minds to think out of the box while team effort and collaboration is required to turn a simple idea into a marketing plan or business proposal. Parents are not left out too.

There will be an Investors Fair at the end of the camp and parents will be invited to turn investor for the afternoon, going round the different booths to sample and try out the different inventions and provide objective feedback to our young entrepreneurs.

Here are the camp details:

The Young Entrepreneurs Camp
For Kids 7yrs to 15yrs old

Date: 4th to 7th June 2013 (Tues to Fri)
Timing: 9.30am to 5.30pm daily (lunch included)
Venue: Victoria Junior College,
20 Marine Vista, Singapore 449035

Camp Fees: $450 ($400 per child for group registrations of 3 or more kids)

Early Bird Offer: $410 per child for registrations before 30th April 2013.

Registration closes on 24th May 2013.

Here's the program line up for our camp. Please note that the number of activities may vary according to how fast (or how slow) the kids are able to complete the various challenges within a day. Weather is also a consideration as some of the activities need to be done and measured outdoors.

Camp Highlights:

Day 1 – Things that zoom and fly
-          Magic paper ring  
-          Gravity cars
-          Wind powered cars
-          Rocket Cars
-          Propeller Cars
-          Paper Flyers
-          Handocopters
-          Aluminium Gliders
-          Circuit game (optional)

Day 2 – Things that float and blast into space
-          Tallest Tower
-          Gravity Boats
-          Propeller Boats
-          Aluminium Ferries
-          Cartesian Divers
-          Straw shooters
-          Straw Rockets
-          Paper Canons
-          Pneumatic Rockets
-          Water Rockets

Day 3 – Invention Day – Developing the BIG Idea
-          Teams will spend the early part of the day being introduced to building a simple business/action plan, brainstorming and deciding what type of game they want to invent.
-          Second part of the day will be spent building their prototypes.

Day 4 – Investor Fair – Selling the BIG Idea
-          Most of the day will be spent finishing up their prototype, followed by ‘quality testing’, evaluation and revision of prototypes. After which, teams will prepare for their presentations and develop promotional POS materials to ‘sell’ their inventions at the Investors Fair.
-          There will be an Investors Fair at 5pm where parents and guests will turn investor for the day, sit through their kids’ presentations, proceed to try out and sample the merchandise on offer and provide the kids with objective feedback on the feasibility of their idea to venture.

April & May 2013

Kids Invent! Open House

Bring your family and friends along for a fun-filled 2 hour session. There will be activities for both parent and child, as well as a short talk and Q&A session about the Kids Invent! program.

Session #1
Date: 20th April 2013, Saturday
Time:1pm to 3pm

Session #2
Date: 26th May 2013, Sunday
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Venue: Casa Merah Condominium (function room)
50 Tanah Merah Kechil Avenue, Singapore 465524

For planning purposes, please register your attendance by emailing your child's name, age and school, your contact number to lapaul232@gmail.com.

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